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DOWN SOUTH APPAREL is a clothing brand owned by Cape Town-based company, Urbanology.  We are an apparel brand that gives you an opportunity to own a piece of wearable art and making a statement without saying a word. We believe that people have an inherent need to be heard but often want to do so without saying an actual word. 

We work together with artists to bring beautiful wearable art right to your door and in so doing, you get to support the artist directly. We also work together with good causes to help with fundraising by designing cool wearables so that when you buy an item, you are directly supporting the cause.  Giving always feels good, but now it feels even better because you get awesome wearables in return. Our business model enables us to be a bridge between artists and their fans and between charities and their supporters - a place where everybody wins.

Down South delivers nationwide and very soon, globally. We encourage you to browse through our store and selecting apparel items that catch your eye. Add them to your wish list for a later purchase or simply buy now for immediate shipping with delivery in 2 or 3 days.  Our apparel items make fantastic gifts for anyone! We hope to inspire you to shop differently - supporting artists, charities and causes along the way - and we encourage you to cultivate continual generosity in your own life.
Join our growing community of voices and get heard both locally without saying a word - one act of generosity at a time.

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